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What is Freedom?

Freedom- when you think of freedom you may think it’s barbecues and and burgers and beers.

And for some that’s what they are after.

Some think freedom is a rebellious endeavor.

Hashtag 1776.

Freedom to do whatever you want, when you want. Just the facts, I’m free, and it’s celebratory.

Not many will like what I’m about to share with you, but it has to be said.

None of those things achieve the objective of freedom. They are by-products of wars fought to achieve independence, and has over 200 years developed into a marketing strategy to make money, create a culture of national pride.

For all the July 4ths prior to that declaration being written it was another day.

It may sound like I’m downplaying the significance of a national holiday and the celebration of the birth of our country we live in and love. Perhaps I am. I don’t think I am, but I want to expand on this.

Freedom has always been the cry of mankind.

Mankind was free in the sense from the beginning. Made in the image of God.

In Adam, we fell. Cursed. Consigned to the sweat and toil and thorns.

And in this broken fellowship with God, we became enslaved to our sin. We are born sinners. We are born slaves to sin. But in this fallenness, There was a plan set in motion for the cost to set free those who became enslaved to sin.

God has provided a way of escape into freedom.

True freedom in its pure sense- is that a slave or a servant can be free from the power of sins curse. And that is only achieved by the cost/ price of sin. An atonement must be made.

Before I continue I want to tell you. A nation can be “free” by pursuing or correcting national wrongs, and yet simultaneously losing the sight and the focus of the individuals need to be set free from sins power.

The governments of the world may achieve a “nationwide freedom, justice for all”. But they haven’t seemed to achieve the hearts need for inward salvation of the soul.

The ultimate price of true FREEDOM, Was satisfied on a Cross 2,000 + years ago when Jesus the predicted Messiah willingly gave up His life for sinners who would and have and til this hour- place their faith in Him, and trust in His freedom achieving work of salvation of sinners at the Cross. How? By confessing (agreeing with God about) their sin and forsaking it. And understanding that Jesus death burial and resurrection affirms the restoration and buys the freedom of those who were in bondage to their sin are now no longer under condemnation, but walk in a new way, under the control of God’s Holy Spirit living in them.

My friend this can be yours today. This freedom

Can be had. It’s available through Jesus Himself.

Freedom is available. He breaks shackles of sin, He sets spiritual prisoners free.

I leave you with this: We have focused on the religion and belief system that has dominated this land for a long time. The American dream is just a dream.

The Freedom that God is after and what He as offered is Reality. And it’s only available through His Son, Jesus Christ. Repent of your sin and believe in Him right now. Your eternal destination is only a nanosecond of a breath away. Your life is on the line. Your freedom from

sin and its ever longing desire to enslave you eternally is also at stake.

This is me telling you I love you and care about you and seeing your need to be free.

Happy 4th of July.

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