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YouTube Censorship

A few days ago this week, my YouTube Channel “The Godcast with Josh Fritz”

amassed over 1,000k subscribers. I applied for monetization, and I woke up this morning only to find out my app had been mysteriously “slow”.

Upon further searching, I did not see my channel in the drop down view which made me wise what was up. I found this email:

Recently I shared a video that I cited and documented that explains why any Christian should not vote for a party that has values inconsistent with Scripture. Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Church in an interview with Todd Friel last year at the Truth Matters Conference, expressed this sentiment in a clip that I shared. It’s one of next to last videos I uploaded and published, and it had hit 18,000 views. This was the thumbnail:

Then my last video thumbnail was this:

I appealed the decision

I will be on sometime later tonight 10/29/2020 on another platform to discuss the issue and what my options are. God bless.

-Josh Fritz

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